Body Image & Eating Concerns

  • Uncomfortable relationship with food
  • Ruminating thoughts about food or calorie intake
  • Emotional eating
  • Concerns related to body image
  • Not feeling confident or comfortable with yourself
  • An out-of-control-feeling when it comes to eating or exercising

So many of us grew up in an era of needing to look a certain way to be loved, fearful of the weight on the scale, terrified of certain foods, and avoidant of mirrors or dressing rooms. This may result in lack of control when it comes to what you eat or a type of self-loathing when clothes do not fit you. Maybe your sense of self-worth has been dependent on the size of your jeans or maybe you want to change your relationship with food that has been in the making for years. Maybe you find yourself obsessing about food intake or exercise to the point of feeling overwhelmed at even the slightest change of plans in a day.

I work with individuals to validate the contextual and societal pressures, particularly for women, that have contributed to an unhealthy relationship with food and/or body image. I recognize the patterns that occur with these relationships ON TOP OF other types of cultural identities, such as gender, race, or having a chronic medical illness.

If you would like to address concerns around eating patterns, I work from a “Health at Every Size” perspective and approach my work encompassing all your different identities. We will often focus on the emotional impact of eating patterns… most often reflecting on factors outside of food itself.