Chronic Medical Illness

  • Diagnosis and/or coping with a chronic illness, such as type 1 or type 2 diabetes, PCOS, Crohn’s disease, digestive issues
  • Coping with a loved one’s diagnosis
  • Caregiving of a loved one with chronic illness

Whether you have just been diagnosed or living with a chronic illness for years… all stages come with complex emotions and ongoing stress. Maybe the same insurance you’ve had is requiring a prior authorization on a prescription that you’ve used for decades. Maybe you are sick of managing this thing that will never be “cured” or go away. Maybe you spend hours on the phone with insurance. Maybe you want to throw your insulin pump, ostomy bag, or pill bottles out the window. Maybe you want to punch your PCP in the face when they tell you that losing weight will help your symptoms. Maybe you have spent years trying to figure out symptoms and no blood work or pokes will give you any answers. Maybe your symptoms have been dismissed because of your perceived gender or the color of your skin. Maybe you are really tired of hearing “you don’t look sick” or “you’re too young to have that!”

Maybe you are just… exhausted.

Our physical and mental health are incredibly intertwined. I work to create a validating space for you to feel the frustration and hurt and despair of living with either visible and invisible illnesses. There are such unique types of stress that come with this. I help individuals to sort out complicated feelings that come with being angry at your body. My intent is to aid in acknowledging and working through the tough emotions (anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, the “why me?!” question) while also attempting to reconnect with the relationship with your body. I work to teach you to recognize signs of chronic illness burnout and how to cope.