Relationship Concerns

Maybe you have struggled in your current or past romantic relationships and you wonder what went wrong. Maybe you have difficulty trusting others, including romantic partners, friends, and family. Maybe you had a traumatic upbringing and you just never learned what a healthy relationship looks like. Maybe you don’t understand why are frustrated in relationships or need help communicating what you need. Maybe you fear your partner will abandon you any second. Maybe you have trouble connecting with others on a deeper level despite wanting to.

Maybe you have no freaking idea, and you just feel like you need extra support.

I can help support you in individual therapy to reflect on past relationships that you wished went differently and help figure out what’s going on now in relationships. I help individuals identify what they are looking for in their relationships, process past traumatic relationships, and gain clarity on confusing feelings that happen, whether it is casual dating, committed romantic relationships, family relationships, or friendships.

I also offer couples therapy for partners who want this type of support together.