• Current or history of unhealthy relationships with partners or family
  • Unwanted sexual experiences
  • Emotional abuse from partners or family

Sometimes we experience unwanted physical advances from someone we thought was a friend. Sometimes partners make us feel like we are going crazy or bring out a side of us that we do not like or recognize. Sometimes we were taught growing up to hold in our emotions to let our caregivers have all the emotional space in the family. Sometimes we go through something we have never told anyone before and not really understand how to put words to it.

If these (or something similar) feel like something you can relate to, I can work with you to process the emotions that come up from these experiences. This might include shame, embarrassment, guilt, loneliness… all of these emotions are common with these types of experiences. So often we may struggle with trusting others given past experiences in relationships. I work with individuals to reclaim trust in oneself and in others and to identify emotions that we may not understand. My intention is to teach you what to do with those emotions and learn how they impact your relationships.